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User customization Some videos.


Lady ANYE changes boots at night

User: PY Martin Custom


Brown Red Thigh Boots - Chinese New Year

User: Jason2334 Customized


Chinese cheongsam with patent leather thigh boots

User: Peter.gaol Customized

Customization process - Related questions.

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We accept filming that includes boots, gloves, and clothing. The filming content must strictly comply with Chinese laws and cannot contain any political, pornographic, provocative, violent, religious, and racist content.We welcome your shooting scripts with life-like storylines and fashion art.

At the same time, the environment and props required by the film script must be satisfied by this site, and can have requirements beyond the actual capabilities of this site.

We accept content in the language you specify, subject to the specifications required in the previous item.We currently only provide Chinese and Mandarin languages, and will provide performances in other languages ​​such as English in the future.

The shooting price is: CNY 60 per minute or USD $10 per minute

A single custom video minimum 5 minutes, maximum 15 minutes

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This time includes: Preparing props and venue - Shooting - Editing - Rendering output - Sending

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